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Texas School Shooter Picture: Authority Confirmed Horror Details About Suspects

This is a picture of the suspected Texas Elementary School shooter. He’s accused of shooting and killing 14 students and a teacher. We’ll have the latest developments on Tech Search Net at 7. What we know so far about Salvador Ramos, the suspected Texas school shooter.

The 18-year-old gunman who allegedly shot and killed 18 school children and two adults at a Texas elementary school cryptically messaged a stranger “I’m about to” just hours before he opened fire on the children.

Salvador Ramos was identified as the suspect in the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. He was killed by police after the shooting.

The suspected shooter Salvador Ramos posted selfies on Instagram

Ramos, who attended the town’s high school, reportedly shot his grandmother before driving to the school armed with a handgun and possibly rifle, Abbott said.

A manager at a Wendy’s in Uvalde told The New York Times the Ramos worked there for a year and quit about a month ago.


He “went out of the way to keep by himself,” Mendez. The manager then pointed to two workers: “You know how my guys talk to each other and are friendly? He wasn’t like that. No one really knew him.”

That user, @epnupues, said Ramos was a total stranger who tagged her in the gun photo and messaged her that he “got a lil secret”.

Video Shooting Footage: Texas Elementary School

The Instagram user, who said she doesn’t live in Texas, questioned why he tagged her in the pic of the rifles and said she found it scary that he tagged her.

“You gonna repost my gun pics,” @sal8dor_ direct messaged the girl on May 12.

“what your guns gotta do with me,” she replied on Friday.

“Just wanted to tag you,” he said back.

Then at 5:43 a.m. Tuesday @salv8dor_ messaged her “I’m about to”.

The girl asked “about to what” to which he answered, “I’ll tell you before 11.”

He said he’d text her in an hour and urged her to respond.

“I got a lil secret I wanna tell u,” he messaged with a smiley face emoji covering its mouth.

ramos instagram post

He never told the girl his secret. His last message at 9:16 a.m. was “Ima air out”.

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