tiktok new privacy

TikTok tightens privacy features for under-18 Users, accounts for 13-15 year olds will be personalized by default

TikTok makes their privacy strong for the under 18 people. Who age is 13-15 olds all of the accounts will be private automatically. Recently, the privacy feature update by TikTok developers. TikTok also blocking all 15 age account. They can’t able to download TikTok videos. After one month, federal regulation makes a decision to disclose the TikTok. Cause it affects all the children and teenagers. TikTok tightening their privacy feature for under 18 age children.

TikTok is very popular near teenagers and younger kids. Now, the TikTok management  bring some new feature. Which tools can arrange for family pairing. And parents can link their to enable teen’s privacy setting.

Before last month, the federal trade commission asked to some special social media such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Amazon. The question was how they collect the consumers personal information. And how it can affect over the children and teenger.

TikTok user asked to put the birthday date. But it is difficult to find out real verification of birthday. But they try to release new features. Where they verify TikTok user more information. And new privacy setting will be more better for TikTok user. But all the social platform should make their teenger privacy more stronger.