Update: Brian Laundrie Autopsy Result – Is he died by suicide?

Brian Laundrie Autopsy result Update- Is he died by suicide?.

Gabby Petito’s fiance, Brian Laundrie, shot himself in the head, autopsy results show.

“Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was suicide,” the family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino said.

Gabby Petito’s final autopsy report

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Gabby autopsy cause of death

Brian Laundrie Autopsy result

“Chris and Roberta are still mourning the loss of their son and are hopeful that these findings bring closure to both families

Laundrie’s remains were examined by a forensic anthropologist in Sarasota County to try to determine his cause of death.

No cause or manner of death was initially determined for Laundrie, whose remains were discovered on 20 October by his parents and FBI in Myakkahatachee Creek Environmental Park.

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The remains, which included part of a human skull, were discovered along with a backpack and notebook in an area of the park previously submerged in water.

The FBI confirmed Laundrie’s identity the following day with the help of dental records.

Authorities have also been trying to repair a personal notebook retrieved from a dry bag near his body as part of their investigation into the death of his girlfriend Gabby Petito.