Vanessa Agnel Car Accident Picture & Video

Vanessa Angel Car accident video! Vanessa Angel Car crash.

Vanessa Angel along with her husband, Febri ‘Auntie’ Ardiansyah died.

A single accident on the Jombang Toll Road, East Java, was the cause of the husband and wife’s death.

The news was also revealed by Milano Lubis, as a lawyer for Vanessa Angel. He confirmed that Vanessa and her husband died at the scene.


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Vanessa Agnel Car Accident Video

Head of PJR Ditlantas Polda Jatim AKBP Dwi Sumrahadi confirmed that the artist had an accident. “It’s true, Kanit 3 is still at the location,” said Dwi Sumrahadi, Thursday, November 4 to the media.

Vanessa Angel & Her Husband Car Video – Watch Now

In the accident, it was reported that 2 people died, namely Vanessa and her husband. Information about the deaths of Vanessa and her husband was obtained from the East Java Police Highway Patrol (PJR Polda Jatim).

Vanessa Agnel Car Accident Picture

In Vanessa’s Insta Story 5 hours ago, Vanessa was indeed on a road trip on the highway. Vanessa Angel had time to celebrate her togetherness with Gala, her baby in the car.

Vanessa Agnel Car Accident Picture Download 

“It’s true that Vanessa and Bibi died on the spot,” he said when contacted.

Regarding the condition of Vanessa and Aunt’s son, Gala Sky Ardiansyah, Milano said that the 1 year 3 month baby is currently in the hospital. He reportedly had to undergo intensive care due to the accident.

“Her child is being treated intensively in the hospital because of his injuries. Please pray that Gala Sky will be okay, friends,” he said.

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