Vanessa Angel Death – Cause of Death

Vanessa Angel and her family were reported to have had a car accident on the Nganjuk Toll Road Thursday (4/11/2021).

Regarding this news, the Head of Public Relations of the East Java Police confirmed.

“I am still waiting for the data, but the information is true. But we are still waiting for reports in the field.

Because of the accident,” said Head of Public Relations of the East Java Police, Kombes Pol. Gatot Repli Handoko when contacted.

Gatot Repli Handoko also confirmed that there were two male and female victims who died.

“If the temporary information we received was that he died. It looks like husband and wife,” he said.

Vanessa Angel Death

When it was further confirmed whether the victim who died was Vanessa Angel, he still had doubts. Kombes Pol Gatot Repli Handoko is still waiting for detailed information.

“I’m still waiting rather than being wrong later. The point is to justify that there was an accident in the Nganjuk area,” he concluded.

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Vanessa Angel Car accident

Jombang, Jawa Timur – Artis sinetron Vanessa Angel dan suaminya, Bibi Andriansyah tewas setelah mengalami kecelakaan di tol Jombang, Jawa Timur. Informasi tentang kematian Vanessa dan suaminya didapat dari Patroli Jalan Raya Polda Jawa Timur (PJR Polda Jatim).

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Berdasarkan foto yang didapatkan tvonenews, kendaraan yang ditumpangi Vanessa dan keluarganya ringsek. Posisi kendaraanya berada di bahu jalan tol.

Kasat PJR Ditlantas Polda Jatim AKBP Dwi Sumrahadi membenarkan, jika artis itu mengalami kecelakaan.

“Benar, Kanit 3 masih di lokasi,” kata Dwi Sumrahadi, Kamis (4/11/2021).

Menurut Dwi, dari kecelakaan itu dikabarkan ada 2 orang meninggal dunia.

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