Video Shows Huge metal sphere washes up on Japan beach, baffles officials

Huge metal sphere washes up on Japan beach, baffles officials. Mysterious metal sphere on Hamamatsu beach may be a type of buoy, Japanese officials say.

A giant “iron ball” discovered on beach in Japan has locals and officials baffled as the mysterious object’s origins remain unknown.

The sphere, about 4.9 feet in diameter, was found by a runner on Enshuhama Beach in the coastal city of Hamamatsu and reported to police, state broadcaster NHK reported Tuesday.

Local police and a bomb squad investigated the discovery, confirming through X-rays that the sphere appears to be hollow. Local officials said the object was not a threat and may be a type of buoy.

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But news of the strange object has since circulated online, leading to a flurry of speculation that the metal ball could be a “Godzilla egg” or a “dragon ball” from the popular Japanese manga “Dragon Ball.”

Others online have suggested that the unidentified object may have come from outer space.

More practical users said the object appeared to be a float from the World War II-era used for anti-submarine nets.

Masaki Matsukawa, head of the Shizuoka Prefectural Hamamatsu Civil Engineering Office’s coastal maintenance division, told the news outlet that it remains unclear what the metal object is.

“We have not been able to determine what kind of debris it is, but it has been confirmed that it is safe, so we will dispose of it in the same way as normal floating debris,” the official said.

The object was expected to be removed from the beach on Wednesday.

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