Door Footage: Washington homeowner shoots would-be burglar dead

Washington homeowner shoots would-be burglar dead. Neighbors say the house is in a safe suburb of Vancouver, Washington.

A suspected burglar was shot and killed in a southwest Washington neighborhood Thursday night after he allegedly broke a second story window and climbed inside.

The homeowner shot the unidentified suspect during a confrontation after the man entered the house, according to FOX 12 Oregon.

When police arrived they found the suspect dead.

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The house on northeast 157th Court is a safe suburb of Vancouver, Washington, neighbors told FOX 12.

One neighbor said the suspect came to her house that night before the shooting just after 11 p.m. and tried repeatedly to open the door.

She said when she opened the door he told her he thought his mother lived there and tried again to get in but she was able to close and lock it.

Washington homeowner shoots video footage

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She heard the gunshot just minutes after the suspect left her house, FOX 12 reported.

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The homeowner has not been charged.

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