Whatsapp privacy update

WhatsApp has extended the deadline for ‘misleading’ updates

Suddenly, the Whatsapp authority has extended the deadline. Where they mention the 2 conditions. Around 2 billion users must accept their updated terms & condition. Otherwise, they need to stop using it. Recently, they announce the deadline of Whatsapp. All the users can use it for 8 February. But, they update the deadline time on 15 May. As a Whatsapp user, everyone needs to take action within 15 May.

Otherwise, they can’t use Whatsapp. The firm was criticized for sending notifications. It is a very confusing message for all people. They all ready to run the notification on their platform. And as a user, they will show the announcement. After announcing the privacy update news. All the people shift to another social platform such as Signal & Telegram.

Nowadays, Whatsapp said that they will get some personal information of a user. And they will remain the data private. Day by day they will expand the rules. In this new update, new options people will have to message a business on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp explained the new update process. They will collect some features from the user. First of all, phone number and other information. Which was provided on registration time. And they will collect your phone information such as model & company name. They will collect your location information. Especially your IP address, and it will help them to indicate your location.

Another thing they will collect from you. When you manage payment by using Whatsapp. They will collect your financial transaction. This rule is not applying in Europe and the UK. In this country, they already set some privacy laws.