Wild brawl breaks out on flight

Watch Video Footage: Wild brawl breaks out on flight after man’s wife allegedly gets bumped

Brawl breaks out on Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to Phoenix: ‘That’s why I beat your a–‘. Passengers tried to break up fight after man says other man bumped into his wife.

Drama unfolded on board a Southwest Airlines aircraft in Dallas after a man alleged that another passenger bumped into his wife.

In the March 6 incident, video taken by a passenger shows the physical altercation between the two men with other passengers attempting to break up the fight.

“You a p—-, you a p—-,” a man wearing a sports jacket is seen yelling at a heavily tattooed passenger.

The man in the sports jacket is seen repeatedly swinging punches at the other man while holding him in a tight headlock as onlookers shout “Do not hit him again” and “Step away.”

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Wild brawl breaks out on flight

The woman who recorded the video told Fox News Digital that the tattooed man “bumped into his wife by accident, and he started mouthing off.” She also said that the man in the sports jacket punched the other man “four to five times” before she began recording.

In a second video, the man in the blazer is seen telling onlookers on board the plane that the tattooed man approached his family “aggressively” and orders him to tell the others “what happened.”

“He approached me aggressively with my family.” the man with the sports jacket is seen yelling at passengers and a Southwest Airlines flight attendant. “I will sit down in jail for you approaching my family. I will die for my family.”

“That’s why I beat your a–,” he continued.

Witnesses said both men were taken off the plane. The Dallas Police Department said no one was arrested.

Southwest Airlines confirmed with Fox News Digital that the flight from Dallas to Phoenix arrived on time.

“We commend our Crew for managing the situation as Safety professionals while also ensuring the comfort of the other passengers in the cabin,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

On Sunday, Southwest Airlines was faced with another challenge after passengers on a flight from Havana, Cuba, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were forced to evacuate the plane after smoke filled the cabin.

“Southwest flight #3923 departing Havana, Cuba, for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Sunday morning experienced bird strikes to one of the engines and the aircraft’s nose shortly after takeoff,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said in a statement to FOX Business. “The Pilots safely returned to Havana where the 147 Customers and six Crew evacuated the aircraft via slides due to smoke in the cabin.”