Will Smith apologises to Chris Rock for Oscars slap – Read Will Smith Statement

After all, an incident from the 94th Oscars awards ceremony came to the fore. Actor Will Smith slapped American comedian Chris Rock on stage. Smith then returned to his seat and abused Rock in unprintable language. The debate over Will Smith’s slapping to avenge his wife’s humiliation continued throughout the day on Monday. One team is for Smith, the other is against any form of violence. Some have also said that it will be difficult for many to survive if the answer to the joke is slapped.

The stars are also divided into two in the question of slapping. Stars from Hollywood, Bollywood, Bangladesh’s entertainment industry are also reacting. Many people from outside the entertainment industry have reacted. After spending 24 hours, Will Smith realized his ‘mistake’ and the ‘best actor’ on the Oscar stage. Actor Will Smith has apologised for slapping Chris Rock on the Oscar stage. He says he doesn’t support violence.

Smith released a statement on social media. He said he had publicly apologized.

Will Smith wrote, “Chris, I want to publicly apologize to you. I’ve crossed the line, I’ve made mistakes. What I did was unfair and I apologize for it. I am extremely ashamed. It doesn’t fit in with my character. Smith also wrote that he has no difficulty accepting jokes about his wife. But he can’t accept the joke about his wife’s physical illness. That’s why he made his head hot. But he is ashamed of what he has done. Smith said he does not support any kind of support.


Smith won the Best Actor award for his role as Richard Williams in ‘King Richard’. Smith received the award for his role as the father of two American tennis stars, Venus and Serena Iuliams.

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Will Smith has been nominated twice at the Oscars. This time he won the prize. Will Smith, who was emotional to receive the Oscar memento, said that art is an imitation of life. I have imitated Richard Williams. But it is love that makes people crazy. However, after winning the Best Actor award, Will Smith apologized to the Academy for the violent incident, but did not apologize to Chris Rock on stage.

Earlier, Chris Rock had said he would not file a case against him even if Will killed him. Do not take any legal action. However, the Academy Awards authorities have started their own investigation into the matter. Will won the Best Actor award today. His wife was by his side at the award ceremony. In 2018, Jada, the wife of actress Will Smith, announced her illness. All his hair falls out. Rock joked about Jada’s hair on the Oscar stage. That’s when the unexpected happened.

Meanwhile, oscar authorities have officially condemned Will Smith for slapping host Chris Rock on the stage of yesterday’s event. Oscar award-winning body Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expressed its condemnation, the BBC reported. In addition to expressing its condemnation, the Academy has also begun a review of the incident, the statement said. “Further action will be taken in this case in accordance with California law and based on the criteria of the individual’s social behaviour,” it said. ’

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