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Winners & Lossers For 2020: Motorola

Recently, Motorola had surprisingly rich the 2020 lineup, panning across multiple families. This flagship return with great achievement. Motorola Edge and Edge+ doing great all over the world. And now it’s time to Razr 5G Motorola. Moto device shining their past situation. It is a great chance to make it brighter.

Winner Of 2020 Moto G 5G plus & Moto G 5G

This phone look particularly look is very amazing. And it brings a new design all over time. This phone has different types of screens. Moto G 5G Plus getting taller 21:9 of 90 Hz. It makes the phone more beautiful. This phone chipset department makes the phone more strong. Moto G 5G Plus phone has a dual selfie camera. it will help you to make your moment usable. This two smartphone is better from every side. At first, the Moto G 5G plus phone come on July 5. This phone processor’s name is Snapdragon 765G. Which makes the phone more perfect.

Winners: Moto G8 Power And G9 Power

This phone has great power facilities. So, it will make the Motorola brand more famous. Motorola released a total of 3 power devices. And people like it so much. Moto G Power made some better performance. Another fantastic news is Moto G8 phone has an 8MP 2X zoom optical camera. And they set the 16 MP primary camera.

Losers Of 2020: Moto G Fast, Moto G Stylus and Moto G Pro 

Motorola smartphone brand gets some flop performance with Moto G Fast. And another one is Moto G Stylus. But, they try to make some better smartphone. And it will give them success. Motorola brand authority takes some winners smartphones. And they will release some special smartphones this year.