zhou guanyu car crash

Zhou Guanyu Car Crash Video Footage & Photos

HORROR CRASH Zhou Guanyu’s car ROLLS OVER in horrific British GP crash, skids upside down for 200 metres and slams into barriers.

ALFA ROMEO driver Zhou Guanyu was involved in a horror crash on the first corner at the British Grand Prix when his car FLIPPED and slammed upside down into the crash barriers.

The 23-year-old collided with Mercedes ace George Russell at Silverstone with the Chinese star’s car flipping upside down.

His Alfa Romeo ended up in the gravel, where his car then flipped over again before smashing into the fence after skidding for 200 metres.

Russell instantly jumped out of his car to check up on his rival, which ultimately saw him disqualified after leaving his vehicle.

Zhou Guanyu Car Crash Video

Zhou Guanyu Car Accident

Zhou Guanyu Car Crash Photos

Zhou Guanyu Car Accident Update News

zhou guanyu car crash

A red flag was immediately called, with Alex Albon also involved in the incident to leave him out of the race after colliding with Sebastian Vettel.

Meanwhile Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri suffered heavy damage after being hit by Albon after the ex-Red Bull ace had spun into the wall.

Zhou Guanyu said the halo safety device “saved me today” after he escaped uninjured from the horror multi-car smash at the start of Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Zhou’s Alfa Romeo was catapulted upside down, the Chinese rookie’s head saved by his car’s roll hoop-halo as it skidded off across a gravel trap and over tyre barriers into the catch fencing, where it bounced back to finish semi-upright in a stationary position.

Marshalls rushed to Zhou trapped in his stricken car.

Detailed replays of the accident were not available immediately until Zhou had been rescued from his car.

The field filed back to the pits after the collision as a specialist extraction crew attended Zhou, who remained in his car, until he was lifted clear.

George Russell’s Mercedes, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon, Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) and the Williams of Alex Albon were also involved in the pileup that triggered a one hour red flag delay.

Other drivers including Russell climbed from their cars to assist Zhou following the collision.

In a radio statement, Alfa Romeo told Zhou’s teammate Valtteri Bottas: “Zhou is conscious, he is talking, there are no fractures. Considering the circumstances, he is pretty good, pretty well.”

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